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An exciting addition of six new colours to expand the diversity of your creations! 


New colours: Emerald Green, Dark Brown, Coral Orange, Pale Orange, Lime Green, Light Violet

Also available in sets: New colours 6-pcs Set (left) & 30-pcs Set (right)

Ever since the Brush Sign Pen was launched, it has been well-received globally not just as a tool for calligraphy but also writing, illustrations, colouring and more! 

With these six new colours inspired from scenic travels, it brings this collection to a total of thirty colours 😍 We believe that this addition will allow you to expand the sphere of your artistic expression. 

Need some ideas on how you can use these new colours?

1. Greeting Cards

Since the festive season is around the corner, we're certain you'd have loads of gifts to wrap and cards to write! This is the perfect task for our handy Brush Sign Pens~ 

2. Illustrations

Are you a doodler? Or perhaps, you like filling your sketchbooks with colourful illustrations? The flexible nib of the Brush Sign Pen will allow you to create thin and thick lines for simple doodles or detailed illustrations!

3. Travel Journaling

Travel journals are on trend right now and they're the perfect way to document your trips so that you can look back on those moments. The Brush Sign Pen is a handy tool for you to jot down notes from your travels and even sketch in some pretty scenes you've witnessed!

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