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Orenz AT Dual Grip Mechanical Pencil

With it's auto-lead-fowarding mechanism and anti-lead-breakage system, you can be sure to write smoothly without interruption for a long time with our new Orenz AT Dual Grip Mechanical Pencil! 


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Draw happiness with Pentel Arts

At Pentel, we believe in the joy of expression through art. Express yourself freely with a wide range of tools from Pentel Arts.

Shop for our selection of Pentel Arts products here.

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Pentel Milky Brush

The new Milky Brush will let you live your sweet, pastel dreams! 
Find out more on how you can use this brush pen: 

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Pentel Fudehajime Brush Pen

The Fudehajime Brush Pen is easy to control and beginner-friendly as the tip is shorter and harder than the regular brush. It features a flexible brush tip (nylon and polyester blend) that lets you change the line width of your writing with moderate pressure. With quick-drying dye ink, it is suitable for writing, drawing, sketching, adding details and calligraphy. The Fudehajime Brush Pen has a beautiful barrel design decorated with traditional Japanese pattern.

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Pentel Dual Metallic Brush - How to Use

The Dual Metallic Brush comes in one pen with two shades! The combination of both pigment glitter and dye ink creates brilliant rich metallic colours. Ink colour changes depending on the viewing angle and looks different when used on white or black paper, the perfect brush for calligraphy, illustrations, decorations and more!

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