With Pentel's continuous strive towards sustainability, we're determined to create initiatives that contribute to this in both environmental and social ways. 

Firstly, Pentel proudly offers an environmentally friendly line of stationery - Recycology. Apart from our stationery products, our product’s dozen boxes and master cartons are also printed on recycled and recyclable materials. As part of our commitment, we wish to work with both consumers and stakeholders to create a healthier environment.

Our idea of sustainability does not stop at being environmentally-friendly, but also extends to the well-being of society. Pentel's corporate philosophy has always been focused on the joy of expressing oneself, be it through art or penning down your sincere thoughts. Read more about Pentel's sustainability vision here.

With our initiatives, we hope to amplify Pentel's philosophy on sustainability and bring quality products to our consumers at the same time. Check out our past initiatives here: 

 Pentel IMAGI-NATION New packaging for Hi-Polymer Erasers