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The history of calligraphy is a fascinating topic, as it embodies many values in different cultures and is also the most the basic form of displaying a personal writing touch. 

Whether it is alphabetical or character calligraphy, the act of writing itself has evolved over time with the development of society. 

In the past, calligraphy tends to be more structured, with well-defined steps to ensure consistent strokes, angles, line width and spacing. It is practiced over and over again to refine it into perfection. The style is also closely tied to history and to preserve a certain form of art within that era. Overall, there is a sense of structured poise and elegance when we observe its aesthetics. 


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During the time where there were no typewriters, printers, photocopy machines, or digital tools to create documents, it was important to ensure legibility and quality of texts as they were manually written by hand. The traits of traditional calligraphy can be said to reflect what was required at that point in time, because the main purpose of writing was to capture and preserve. 

Slowly, as the world progressed and education systems were established, people had more access to learning penmanship and printing tools such as wooden printing blocks or copper printing plates were created. Even so, the calligraphy style was still very much influenced by the limited tools available at that time.

As we take a step into modern days, the pressure of documentation is being lifted with modern technological advancements. There have also been much more innovation in writing instruments over time. 

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When we take a look at modern calligraphy, there are less rules and more room for creativity to deviate from it's traditional ways. There are also many more styles, colours and proportions to experiment with, making it more fun and casual. In a sense, modern calligraphy is freeing from being productive and shifting into the luxury of creating freely without expectations. 

At Pentel, we wish to convey this freedom of expression through art, and breaking down the notion that art has to contain certain qualities in order for it to be considered art. With the many quality tools we have created, we hope this concept of 'Pentel Arts' can support everyone's vision of art, be it from the traditional or modern lens. 

Ultimately, here is no "which style of calligraphy is better", as both traditional and modern calligraphy are beautiful in their own ways ❤️


Interested in practicing some Chinese calligraphy? Join us at this free workshop! 

📍 Location: HANDS @ Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, B1-07 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
📅 Date & Time: 3rd February (Saturday), 1 to 5pm, free & easy while slots available
What to expect: Each participant will be entitled a practice sheet to practice a few Lunar New Year greeting characters, using our Brush Sign Pen in new tip sizes (Extra Fine, Fine or Medium). After practicing, participants will be given one red packet* to decorate and bring home! 

*While stocks last.