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If you're a gel pen enthusiast or an artist trying to find the right gel pen for your latest artwork, you might want to try these MATTEHOP Gel Roller Pens!

Colours that POP - best for black paper 

Have you ever tried to create an artwork on black paper only to realize that the colors don't show up bright enough? It's easy to create something on a white background, but on a dark surface you'd probably need to experiment a few more times to get the colors right.

With MATTEHOP, you won't need to worry about this, because the matte pigment ink is formulated to have superb vibrancy, especially on dark colored backgrounds! The bright hues stand out like a burst of fireworks in the night sky 🤩 If you're thinking Pop Art, comic drawing and maximalist vibes, you're on the right track with MATTEHOP!

Smooth like butter, but not like a criminal undercover!

We're not just talking about your average gel pen here. MATTEHOP is a totally different kind of experience where the ink dries to a smooth and matte finish - almost with an extra added dimension to your words and design!

We greatly encourage you to test them out at your nearest stationery retailer. If you have trouble locating a physical store that carries the MATTEHOP Gel Roller Pens, feel free to drop us a message under our 'Contact Us' page and we'll be happy to reach out to you for suggestions!

Less smudging, more experimenting

The worst thing that can happen is getting a smudge on your artwork because you haven't waited long enough for the ink to dry 😭 With MATTEHOP, not only is the ink quick-drying, you can actually see the ink changing color as it dries (it becomes much brighter after drying!) 

There's something so satisfying about watching the MATTEHOP ink drying. Now you don't have to get your pinkies stained, trying to test if the ink has dried or not!

Get crafty with photos

The MATTEHOP experience isn't just limited to paper! You guessed it - it works on photopaper & instax/polaroid too! 

Use them to elevate your scrapbooking game or decorate the instax printouts of your precious moments. For Kpop stans, we reckon you could use them spice up your toploaders too! 

Six NEW colors

Now's the best time to try these pens if you haven't, because we've just launched 6 new colors for the MATTEHOP series! 

MATTEHOP is also available in sets now 😍 Check out the adorable packaging - not only does it look super cute as a gift, it's also environmentally-friendly!






Join us for a Scrapbook Jamming session hosted in collaboration with MT Washi Tape! 

From now till 3rd November 2023, purchase any MATTEHOP Gel Roller Pen Set + any MT Washi Tape from HANDS Singapore to register for the Scrapbook Jamming event that will happen on 5th November! 

For more details on the event, check out here.