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Pentel's Fabric Fun Paint Colours was launched last year as a set of bright, odourless, water-resistant paints to create personalised designs on fabric. With excellent adhesion, this paint applies smoothly, dries quickly and promises no greasiness. 

 To ensure the best results, wash the fabric before applying Fabric Fun Paint Colours as there might be chemicals or glue on the surface of the fabric that may block the absorption of the pigment.

You may add water to the Fabric Fun Paint Colours to adjust the thickness of the paint. The recommended mixture is half water to paint, and this will ensure smooth consistency for blending colours easily.

After painting your design, allow the paint to dry for 1hr 30min and it will be permanent. Ironing is not needed, but recommended as it helps to keep the paint fade-resistant.

Fabric Fun Paint Colours

[NEW] Sparkling & Fluorescent Colours
 With 15 new colours (excluding white), you can now experiment with designs that shine bright in the dark! 
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Mix base colours to get new colours: