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A ballpoint pen that takes care of not just the user's comfort, but also those around them — the Calme Ballpoint Pen is Pentel Singapore's newest ballpoint pen launch with a very special trait. 

Ever felt annoyed by a classmate or colleague's pen clicking? That's quite a common feeling! Many people, especially those that are sensitive to sounds, find pen clicking irritable. As a result, others might be sensitive about how loud their pen clicking is. In order to solve this problem, Pentel has adopted a mechanism that softens the clicking sound as much as possible, while maintaining the feeling of clicking a pen. This is the Calme Ballpoint Pen, designed for serenity. 

The mechanical noise when clicking has been reduced by 66%* compared to conventional Pentel products (*compared using sound pressure Pascal). The impact felt on the hand when clicking is also softened.

How does the quiet mechanism work?
The sliding element receives the rotor that moves and knocks the top and bottom when the pen is clicked. This reduces its collision noise. 

The Calme Ballpoint Pen also features a long, leather-like grip similar to that of a camera. Since the grip is long, it is designed to fit comfortably in your hand no matter where you hold it.
It is equipped with a smooth, oil-based ink that produces a deep colour. This ink is less likely to cause dirty stains after writing because it is an improved version of ballpoint ink that reduces blotting and smudging.
Designed by product designer Kazushige Miyake, who works on a wide range of designs from electrical appliances like smart phones, to household goods and traditional crafts. With the perspective of designing items that embody values, he has won many major international design awards such as the Good Design Award and the iF Design Award. 


The Calme Ballpoint Pens are available in two variations:


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