Fabric Fun Paint Colours

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  • Bright, odourless, water-resistant paints to create personalised designs on fabric.
  • Excellent adhesion. Applies smoothly, dries quickly and no greasiness.
  • Suitable for colour mixing, making gradation and watercolour techniques
  • Item code: FFPC1

How to use:
- Pre-wash fabric to remove any glue or chemicals.
- Use a brush or sponge to draw pictures or text on the fabric.
*Add water to adjust the thickness of the paint, as necessary. The standard mixture is half water to paint. Smooth consistency allows you to blend and mix colours easily
- After the paint has dried, (around 1h 30min), your design is permanent. No ironing needed, but it does help to keep the paint water/fade-resistant

Washing instructions:
- 30ºC normal wash / Do not dry clean.
- Wash the fabric 24 hours after painting.