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PVC Eraser Packaging Renewal

PVC Eraser Packaging Renewal
In line with our mission to provide sustainable products all our users, Pentel has consistently been researching on ways to improve the quality and safety of our products. We are proud to announce this change we have taken with our PVC Erasers.
When manufacturing PVC (polyvinyl chloride) erasers, "Plasticizer" is a substance used and it is added in order to soften the hard polyvinyl chloride chemically. However, over the years, there has been general feedback that plasticizer may be harmful for humans and the restriction of its usage has been getting tighter and tighter all over the world based on precautionary principles.
In view of this situation and the world trend against plasticizers, Pentel has decided to use non-phthalate plasticizer which is safer and non-harmful to humans, and has started producing all PVC erasers by using non-phthalate plasticizer since February 2017.
The non-phthalate plasticizer that we use is called 'DINCH' which is produced by BASF South East Asia Pte. Ltd in Germany. DINCH is used for various kinds of industries to produce food packaging, toys and medical devices which require safety in their priority.
With this opportunity, Pentel would like to renew the sleeve design for our erasers to emphasize on our eraser's safety to the world.

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*works on Safari (iPhone) and Google Chrome (Android)


In line with Pentel's philosophy, we wanted to create something that could help everyone celebrate the joy of expression together, whether young or old. 

Our vision is for people all over the world to be able to come together and express their creativity as individuals and with groups in their communities, all under the one umbrella of ‘IMAGI-NATION’.

After rounds of brainstorming, we created a web app under the idea of Pentel IMAGI-NATION, to help with expressing oneself by bringing traditional pen to paper art and writing, to the world we experience in our real lives. 

This web app is designed to help project your artwork into your surroundings via AR (augmented reality). Please follow the instructions below to try it out on your mobile phone! 

How to use our web app?


Step 1: Prepare your artwork on a clean, white piece of paper. We recommend to ensure that there is at least 3-4cm space all around between your artwork and the edge of the paper for easier masking.

Step 2: Open the IMAGI-NATION web app on your mobile phone and swipe to read through the instructions.

Step 3: Choose to either take a photo of your artwork using the web app or upload it from your gallery if you have already taken a photo of it.

Step 4: Toggle the masking function to ensure that the white background (if any) is being removed and the artwork is masked properly.

Step 5: Once you're happy with the masking, open your artwork in AR and project it onto your surroundings.

Have fun taking photos and tag us on social media! 

Share your creations with us!

Tag us on social media (@pentelsingapore) or hashtag #PentelImagination!

Featured creations:

Pentel IMAGI-NATION Zackartz

Image credit: @zackartz on Instagram

Image credit: @oliveleafcali on Instagram


Here are some solutions if you face these issues with using IMAGI-NATION:

  • I cannot open the website
    Kindly check that you have a stable Internet connection.
  • My drawing doesn’t appear 
    An error message should appear, prompting you to refresh and try again.
  • I can’t choose from my gallery 
    There will be a prompt asking for permission to access your gallery, please make sure you click allow so that you will be able to choose from your device’s gallery. 
  • My drawing isn’t masked properly/There is a lot of space in my drawing
    Please ensure that the background is even, there are no shadows, and the drawing is in frame. Here is a good example:


Click here to try it out now:

or scan this QR code:

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