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In collaboration with Sanrio Characters, we introduce the limited edition iPlus Multi-function Pen and Petit Corre Correction Tape that comes in four adorable characters!

Choose from your favourites such as 'Cinnamoroll', 'My Melody', 'Pochacco' and 'Pompompurin'. Each character style comes in a different pastel colour that is easy to match, whether you are using them for work or study. The design for this collection depicts the cute friendship between Sanrio characters as it is inspired by the theme of 'Connecting with Friends'. 

  iPlus Multi-function Pen - Choose 3 or 5 components to match the barrel of your choice and customize it to your personality.
 Petit Corre Correction Tape - Compact and convenient, carry these Sanrio friends with you anywhere.

The iPlus Multi-function Pen allows you to customize from a variety of inks and pencil leads including:

  • 0.3/0.4/0.5mm Sliccies refill (Gel Ink)
  • 0.5mm Energel refill (Gel Ink)
  • 0.5mm Vicuña (Oil-based Ink)
  • 0.3/0.5mm Mechanical Pencil refill lead

You can also add fun and unique touch for your personalized iPlus Multi-function Pen with any charm or earphone jack accessory on top of the barrel!

This collection is perfect if you're looking for a practical and matching gift with friends. 

Shop the Sanrio Limited Edition Collection here

iPlus Multi-function Pen refill components: 
- Gel Ink (Sliccies/Energel)
- Ballpoint Ink (Vicuña)
Mechanical Pencil

Exclusive Promotion

 Receive FREE Charm with purchase of
1 Sanrio iPlus Barrel + 3 Refill Components + 1 Sanrio Petit Corre Correction Tape

Promotion is valid from 18 February - 6th March 2022. While stocks last. T&Cs apply.