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Discover the new Fudehajime Brush Pen is easy to control and great for beginners or calligraphers at intermediate level. 

As the tip is shorter and harder than the regular brush, it provides more control of changing the line width with moderate pressure. The quick-drying dye ink makes it suitable for writing, drawing, sketching, adding details and calligraphy.
The Fudehajime Brush Pen is available in 3 designs for Black Ink, and 1 design for Pale Gray ink!


Exclusive promotion for Fudehajime Brush Pen:

*available while stocks last



Fudehajime Brush Pen artworks from Pentel Ambassadors:


image credit:

image credits: @oliveleafcalli

image credits: @maebahil


Mixed media:

image credit: @zackartz

image credit:

image credit: artychipmunk


Journal Spread

image credits: @puffingmuffin

image credits: @rxvenrie