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If you are fond of notebooks and have a penchant of collecting them, you probably have a stash of old notebooks lying around that are just begging to be used again.

Maybe they're half-filled with notes from a previous class, or perhaps they're filled with random scribbles that no longer make sense. Whatever the case, it might be time to give those old notebooks a new lease on life! 

Here are some tips on how to reuse an old notebook, featuring Pentel products that can help you with it!

Start a Bullet Journal

image credits: @rxvenrie on Instagram


If you're not already familiar with bullet journaling, it is a system of keeping track of your daily tasks, appointments, and goals using symbols and shorthand. It is a great way to stay organized, and also an outlet for those who are looking for short activities you can do in a day for a creative spurt!

For this purpose, Pentel's Energel-X and Energel 0.7mm are perfect. They're smooth writing, come in a wide range of colours, and have quick-drying ink that helps reduce smudging. The Illumina FLEX Pastel Highlighters are also useful for organizing points in different highlighted colours!

Make a recipe book




Image by Freepik


If you're a foodie that loves to cook, consider turning an old notebook with some pages left into your new recipe book! You can write down your favourite recipes, jot down notes on your recipe experiments, and even sketch a picture of your finished dishes. 

Pentel's Energel Permanent or Permanent Markers are excellent choices for this project, especially for secret recipes that you have nailed down on your own and wish to pass down for generations to come! The Permanent Markers also come in extra fine tip for precise writing, and are available in a range of colours. 

Start a gratitude journal


image credits: @chelleybelly_ on Instagram


Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to encourage positivity and focus on the good things in life. It could also be a meaningful way of breathing life into your old notebook again. Simply write down a few things you're grateful for each day, and watch your mood improve over time!

With a gratitude journal, inject some colourful quotes to inspire yourself! Using the Brush Sign Pen or Brush Sign Pen Twin can help, as they have flexible brush & felt tips that allow for both thick and thin strokes - perfect for lettering and calligraphy. You can also use our Dual Metallic Gel Roller Pens to add some shimmer to your pages!

Create a scrapbook


image credits: @akirajournals on Instagram

If you have a collection of old photos or memorabilia, consider turning your old notebook into a scrapbook. You can paste your favourite photos, ticket stubs, and other momentos and write notes about each one so you can reminisce when you look back upon them. 

 If you're putting polaroid/instax photos into your scrapbook, MATTEHOP Gel Roller Pens are suitable to write on them, as they dry to a matte finish and will not smudge after drying. 

Speaking about matte finish, our Milky Brushes also dry to a powdery matte touch. They are a great option for adding in background colours and patterns into your pages. 

Start a sketch journal


image credits: @destressz on Instagram

image credits: @james.ek on Instagram

Instead of writing down your daily musings, you could also sketch them out if you're more of a visual person! This will also be a great way to hone your sketching skills and look back on your progress.

The Pointliner is an easy starter tool for beginner sketchers. It is also available in a wide range of tip sizes, which helps you find the one that suits your needs. Another popular tool among sketchers is the Pocket Brush Pen and Brush Sign Pen Pigment. If you prefer using a mechanical pencil for your sketches, the Orenz Mechanical Pencil or Orenznero are also great choices. It features an Anti-breaking Lead System that allows you to write for a long time with just one-click and no lead breakage!

We find that watercolouring is a great way to make your sketches come to life! Try our Aquash Water Brush and Watercolour Pastels to help you with this.

In conclusion, there are many ways to reuse an old notebook. Whether you decide to start a bullet journal, make a recipe book, keep a gratitude journal, create a scrapbook or kickoff your sketch journal, Pentel's range of pens, markers and other art materials can help you bring your ideas to life. So, dust off those old notebooks and get creative!